Demi Lovato Apologizes for Jumping to Conclusions After Calling Out Fro-Yo Shop: I Am Human

Insisting she did not mean to 'bully a small business' with her public criticism over diet products ads, the 'Heart Attack' hitmaker stresses she just wants to continue making this world 'a better place.'

AceShowbiz - Demi Lovato has apologized to The Bigg Chill after publicly calling them out on her social media platform. The "Sorry Not Sorry" hitmaker, who had previously complained about the frozen yogurt shop's method in advertising for their diet products, admitted she "jumped to conclusions" simply because she is only "human."

Making use of Instagram, the 28-year-old expressed her remorse for criticizing the small business for showing all of its diet foods on their counter. In a video she shared on Monday, April 19, she pointed out, "Now, I am very outspoken about the things that I believe in. I understand that sometimes my messaging can lose its, like, meaning when I get emotional. I am human."

The "Heart Attack" singer continued explaining, "I am somebody who is just very passionate about what I believe in and I've lived through enough to know when to speak up. For people who don't have a voice."

"If there was a sign that said celiac, vegan, I would have understood…because it wasn't clear I definitely jumped to conclusions and probably shouldn't have gone about this the way that I have," Demi further clarified over her previous comment against the shop. On that note, she stressed, "But I'm willing to talk to this fro-yo shop to help get the messaging right."

On why this cause matters to her, the former Disney Channel star reasoned, "A lot of people who have struggled with anorexia - I myself, fro-yo was something that I would go to because it was low in calories. It just felt safe to me. I know that people struggle with fro-yo with eating disorders. So that's why I'm super sensitive when I walk into a fro-yo place and I see diet stuff."

The songstress additionally pointed out, "I just want to continue to help make this world a better place, and if I upset some people I'm so sorry." She went on to promise, "I will listen and try to understand in how I can be a better support for all communities."

Elsewhere in the clip, Demi stressed that she never intended to "bully" a small business and explained that she left the shop eventually without purchasing any yogurt which made her "sad." Near the end of the video, the "Stone Cold" singer offered an official apology by saying, "I'm genuinely sorry people took it wrong, but I just get really passionate."

"Y'all know me, I get pretty feisty and sometimes my emotions get the best of me. It never comes from a place of hate, it's always coming from a place of love," she added, before closing her 8-minute video by spilling, "Being a celebrity is exhausting sometimes."

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