Nancy Wilson Announces Eddie Van Halen Tribute Song

The Heart star pays homage to the late Van Halen rocker by dedicating one of the new tracks in her debut solo studio album 'You and Me' to the iconic musician.

AceShowbiz - Heart star Nancy Wilson has paid the ultimate tribute to late rocker Eddie Van Halen by releasing a new instrumental track dedicated to her friend.

"4 Edward" will appear on her upcoming debut solo album, "You and Me", which is scheduled for release next month (May21).

Releasing the new tribute track on Friday (16Apr21), Nancy said, "When Heart toured with Van Halen, I asked Eddie why he never played acoustic guitar. His response: 'I don't have one.' "

"I gave Eddie one of mine, and he immediately wrote a song on it that stole my heart. After he passed, it hit me so hard I felt it was time to pay tribute to him."

In a recent radio interview, Wilson revealed she loved drinking with Eddie and his bandmate brother, Alex.

"You'd go down to the bar and the Van Halen brothers, they won the prize of just how to be totally raucous and totally out of control and drunk," she said. "They'd just be yelling and cavorting all over the room and all over each other, and fisticuffs would bust out, and then, two seconds later, they'd be hugging: 'I love you, man.' "

"They were out of control. They were the first ones to ever introduce us to the kamikaze - the vodka with lime, or whatever."

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