Chris Brown Sued by His Housekeeper After Her Sister Was Attacked by His Dog

The incident allegedly causes Patricia Avila, who is not the one being attacked by the dog, to suffer 'severe emotional distress' including post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and depression.

AceShowbiz - Chris Brown faces legal trouble after his cleaning lady files a lawsuit against him. According to a lawsuit which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Patricia Avila and her sister Maria were attacked by the R&B star's dog when they were cleaning Chris' house on December 12, 2020.

It was stated in the lawsuit that prior to the attack, Chris' dogs had been kept on another part of his property. That prevented the housekeepers from them or interacting with them. But on the day of the attack, one of the dogs, which was described as a Caucasian shepherd, was in the backyard.

At one point, Maria entered the backyard to empty the vacuum. That was when the dog growled at her and "proceeded to viciously attack" her, prompting her to scream. When hearing her sister screaming, Patricia ran outside "where she found her sister covered in blood while she was screaming and crying for help." Chris immediately called 911, the court docs said.

Patricia claimed that Maria was attacked on her face around her eye and was also bitten on her leg. It was apparently so bad that Patricia "thought her sister was going to die from the blood loss." Additionally, she alleged that there was several inches of skin missing from her arm. The lawsuit mentioned that Maria needed to undergo two surgeries and stay in the hospital for multiple days.

The incident allegedly caused Patricia to suffer "severe emotional distress" including post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. The lawsuit also said that Patricia "is reluctant to leave her home and cannot stop re-living the pain that she experienced as she watched her sister suffer through that horrendous attack that day."

Through the lawsuit, she's seeking an unspecified amount of monetary damages related to the incident. She noted that loss of wages because she was unable to work, medical bills, emotional distress, pain and suffering.

Chris, meanwhile, has yet to respond to the lawsuuit.

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