Azealia Banks Blasts Labels for Profiting Off Drug Abuse Following DMX's Death

Following the death of the 'Where the Hood At?' hitmaker, the '212' rapper call out labels who don't seem to care about their artists' wellbeing as well as their issues with the substance abuse.

AceShowbiz - The passing of DMX on April 2 over an alleged overdose that caused a heart attack has sparked criticisms from a number of fellow celebrities. Azealia Banks, who has been quite known for being a controversial figure in music, has become the latest to blast record labels.

On Friday, April 9, the "Heavy Metal and Reflective" singer shared her concern via lengthy videos she uploaded on her Instagram page. Referring to DMX's death, she took a swipe at record labels for their carelessness and unsupportiveness to their artists, stating that they have been profiting from rappers' drug addictions.

"I've had times in my career when my fans were telling me to go get help Azealia. I couldn't f***ing afford it," Azealia started out. "All I'm saying is this s**t has to f***ing change."

She then took Travis Scott (II) as an example on how labels profited off the artists' drug abuse issues without offering them any help to get better. She stated, "You look at these rap n***as right now like look at f***ing Travis Scott, okay."

"Nobody's stepping in to f***ing intervene with Travis Scott, you got enablers, you probably got f***ing, tour managers, going to get the f***ing lean and going to get the Percocet so this n***a can sit in the studio and make more money for y'all crackers," she went on pointing.

It didn't stop there. "The Big Big Beat" rapper went on dissing music labels as saying, "And y'all don't care what happens to him, nobody's suggesting maybe we should have like an in-house therapist or in-house drug rehabilitation programs, no they're gonna push you to the edge and push you to the f***ing limit so you can keep creating for them."

Azealia concluded her rant by stating, "And then when you die of a drug overdose, then they wanna come in and cash in on it. This sh*t needs to stop." She also described how DMX had cried for help but the labels label "f***ed him out of his money."

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