Russell Brand Urges People to Change Behavior in Post-Covid World

The 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' actor claims people 'need to find a new way of living' following the coronavirus pandemic that threw the world into disarray.

AceShowbiz - Russell Brand insists the human race must change its behaviour in a post-COVID world - and he's sharing his vision in a brand new audiobook.

The British actor and comedian planned to spend 2020 on a spiritual tour of sorts, hanging out with "sages and worldly people," and then write a book about his experiences, but when the coronavirus put paid to his plans, he decided to record his own thoughts for the new "Audible" project.

"In my own life, with the kind of addictions I've had, and the kind of flirtations and immersion I've had in celebrity - I've experienced a lot of materialism, a lot of pleasure and distraction," he shared on "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

"And once those things expire, once they lose their value, you find yourself looking for more purpose and meaning... So I wrote a different book, about how I was experiencing sacredness in everyday life, how part of what we're experiencing at this time is the death of our systems and ideas that have guided us this far."

And the dad-of-two insists there's no going back to our "old ideas" while navigating a post-COVID world.

"All of us... sense that it (change) has to be more than a return to what we were doing before...," he added. "We need to find a new way of living, a new way of communicating, a new way of transcending the kind of conflict and fragmentation that's happening on a social level."

Russell's Audible Original, titled "Revelation: Connecting with the Sacred in Everyday Life", is available now.

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