Michael Strahan Shocks Fans After Getting His Signature Tooth Gap Closed

While acknowledging that he would get mixed reactions for his decision, the 'Good Morning America' host stresses, 'I gotta do what I wanna do for myself.'

AceShowbiz - Michael Strahan has surprised his fans with his recent appearance. The "Good Morning America" host, who has long been known for his iconic gap between his front two teeth, revealed that he has gotten the gap closed.

On Tuesday, March 30, the 49-year-old TV personality made use of Instagram to share a video that saw him going into the dentist office for the procedure. In the accompanying message, he simply declared, "I did it. @smiledesignmanhattan #GoodbyeGap."

In the clip, Michael could be heard telling his dentist, "If I post, it'll be don't do it. If I ask my friends, it'll be don't do it. If I ask my business partner, it'll be don't do it, I gotta do what I want to do for myself." Before his tooth gap got filled at the second appointment, he said, "Here's the moment 50 years in the making!" After the procedure was done, he raved, "I love it! Holy f**k!"

Many of Michael's fans were in disbelief over his tooth makeover and convinced that it was only a prank. One user replied, "Just in time for a big 'April Fools' reveal! I don't believe it lol." Another sent similar sentiment, "This better an April fools joke- I mean you look good either way but still!!" A third echoed, "I seriously had to check the date to make sure this wasn't an April Fools."

The former NFL player also received mixed reactions from his famous followers. One in particular was Heidi Klum who penned, "oh no." Lindsey Vonn exclaimed, "No you did not!!" Jenni "JWoww" Farley, meanwhile, showed her support by noting, "Whatever makes you happy."

Michael's tooth gap, however, was unveiled to have been closed temporarily. TMZ reported that his dentist Dr. Lee Gause "proposed a temporary solution -- essentially a removable dental piece that gives the look of a filled-in tooth line."

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