While she assures that she has since recovered, the celebrity chef reveals her uncle Bill, who also contracted the virus, has been readmitted to the hospital following a fall.

AceShowbiz - Sandra Lee has made it through the rain. Announcing that she has survived COVID-19 through an Instagram post dated Monday, March 29, the celebrity chef shared details about the pain she felt when contracting the virus.

Voicing her relief for no longer having the coronavirus, the 54-year-old wrote, "Personally I had Covid! Now do not have Covid! I do have the antibodies." She then described how it was like fighting the disease. "The night I realized I had it the inside of my body felt like a pinball machine had gone off, With the metal ball pinging-all over the place -such an odd feeling," she dished.

"From my lower stomach up right through my heart- and back again....over and over! Ugh the Heart needs a break- god bless! Then it was just a massive headache with stuffy nose, minimum chest pain and then total exhaustion," Sandra continued in the same post. "I lost my sense of taste and smell."

On the reason why she didn't share about her health condition before this, the ex-girlfriend of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reasoned, "I haven't shared this because I didn’t want to bring any attention to it .....certainly not with everything Else already going on. Sweet baby Jesus!"

In the same post, Sandra also gave update on her uncle Bill who despite surviving the virus, has to be admitted to hospital yet again. "As you know Uncle Bill [Sweet naughty Uncle Bill, Uncle ice cream] had been in the hospital with Covid, he was released from the hospital and got to come home," she noted. "Within 48 hours he had fallen down and had to be taken back to the hospital."

"They released him that very day and he came right home and fell down again as he walked to the door. He is very very weak but doing the best he can't recover," she went on sharing. "Hospital don't want keep patients for longer than they have to. So he's WAS home being taken care of-then another big fall landed him back in the hospital."

Describing her uncle Bill as the love in her life, Sandra expressed her worry for his condition. "They had to run a ton of tests and finally found that his heart is only working at 25% capacity. Very scary for an 83 almost 84-year-old man (Aka major love in my life)," she wrote. "He is now in a rehab facility and we are not allowed to see him without an appointment...... which is impossible to get."

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