Addison Rae Supports TikTok Dance Creators Following Backlash Over Her 'Jimmy Fallon' Performance

The 'Obsessed' singer, who has been criticized for stealing from Black entertainers without giving due credit, says that 'it's kind of hard to credit during the show.'

AceShowbiz - Addison Rae has reacted to backlash over her performance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". Having been criticized for stealing from Black entertainers without giving due credit, the "Obsessed" singer stressed that she supports TikTok dance creators.

The 20-year-old offered her two cents when speaking to TMZ during an outing on Monday, March 29. "I think they were all credited in the original YouTube post, but it's kind of hard to credit during the show. But they all know that I love them so much. I mean, I support all of them so much. And hopefully one day we can all meet up and dance together," she said.

The "He's All That" actress noted that she already talked about the criticism with host Jimmy Fallon. Despite the heat, she gushed that the performance was such "so much fun." She further raved, "I'm very grateful and thankful. It was such a great time."

When pressed if she has plans to "collaborate" with those creators, Addison was quick to reply, "For sure. I mean, I think ever since the beginning that I've been talking about most of them, and um, definitely wanna collab with a lot of them." She continued, "So hopefully, once the world opens up, we can all meet up and so something together because they'd be so much fun. And they're also talented. And I definitely don't do them justice. They're amazing."

Addison came under fire after she appeared in the Friday, March 26 episode of the late night talk show for a segment called "Addison Rae Teaches Jimmy Eight TikTok Dances". In it, she performed some popular dances according to cue cards that the TV host held.

Addison has since been slammed by many on Twitter. One in particular argued, "Addison Rae on Fallon is a prime example of how mediocre and basic white girls talent have to be to get far meanwhile she build her whole brand off of stealing tick tok's from black girls...let me know when y'all ready to talk about how the media pushes WHITE #AddisonRaeonFallon."

The criticism did not stop there. More came forward with one stating, "these moves/dances were made by black ppl yet she's the one getting the recognition and money. she doesn't have any individual talent or creativity she's just an average looking yt girl with colonizer tendencies and she gets all this. ridiculous." Another raged, "Jimmy Fallon having Addison Rae on for Tiktok dances she clearly stole and butchered from black creators."

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