Ioan Gruffudd's Estranged Wife Accepts Needs to Be Careful With Words Amid Divorce
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Weeks after claiming that her daughters cry every day after the 'Fantastic Four' star walked out on them, Alice Evans apologizes for using hyperbole during her outburst.

AceShowbiz - Actress Alice Evans has apologized for suggesting her daughters are devastated by mum and dad's ongoing divorce drama, accepting she needs to choose her words more carefully.

Ioan Gruffudd's estranged wife claimed the former couple's daughters, Ella and Elsie, "cry every day," but has now taken to Instagram to admit her kids are doing "better than I would've imagined."

She adds Ella, 11, has already "worked out that she can get a lot more Ubereats deliveries by going back between two abodes" as Alice thanked fans for their support.

"I can't find where I said this but I'm sure I did, and I should have been more careful with my words," Evans wrote. "They cry a lot, but kids tend to anyway, and 'they cry every day' is definitely hyperbole! I'm sorry."

"They're doing much better than I would have imagined, to be honest. Just that there are certain discussions about the future [near and far] that come up that make them sad. And as yet, I don't have any answers."

Alice revealed she and the actor had split in January, claiming the "Fantastic Four" star had "mentally tortured" her and abandoned the family "out of the blue."

In one Twitter outburst, the emotional actress wrote, "Their Dad walked out and abandoned them out of the blue. Without explanation. Yes that's what they cry about every day. Will their Dad ever come back and play in the pool or the yard with them? Will they ever have a family again?"

Evans has been criticized for being too open about her feelings throughout the divorce battle so far.

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