Miley Cyrus' Mom Relies on Weed to Cope With Trauma After Tour Bus Fire

Tish Cyrus admits she started smoking marijuana as she struggled with sleepless nights after narrowly escaping death in a traumatic tour bus fire with daughter Noah.

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus' mother initially turned to marijuana to help calm her nerves and put her to sleep after a harrowing tour bus fire.

Tish Cyrus, 53, admits she only warmed up to the use of weed just over a decade ago, when she and her daughter Noah narrowly escaped death.

Speaking on E News' Daily Pop, Tish confessed, "I was so against it (smoking marijuana). Like, never in my life had I ever smoked until I was 42."

"But, I was on tour with Miley and she had gone on - we were going from like, Houston to New Orleans - and I stayed behind to meet up with friends and on the way to New Orleans our bus caught on fire."

"I had gone back to go to bed and all of a sudden I heard this huge noise, which I thought could've been a gunshot. It was the tyre blowing on the bus."

The bus driver urged the Cyrus family matriarch to collect all of her valuables and make a quick exit from the vehicle, with young Noah and her dog in tow.

"I panicked, Noah was little, I got her off, my dog, I was trying to get the manager up," Tish recalled. "He had ear plugs in and was in bed asleep already."

Moments after the group made it to safety, they witnessed the bus burn to the ground "within three minutes."

The traumatic incident caused sleepless nights for Billy Ray Cyrus' wife, and after trying and hating the sedative Ambien, she eventually turned to weed on Miley's advice - and it "really did help" her settle down.

Tish continues to use the recreational drug, and she finds it ironic she is now the stoner and the "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker is the sober member of the family.

"The funny thing is Miley, she doesn't (smoke) anymore at all," Tish smiled. "She's completely sober."

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