Salma Hayek Opens Up on Her 'Extremely Emotional' Relationship With Food

The 'Desperado' actress talks about her diet, admitting she has to be careful with what she eats because she always turns to food whenever she's high on emotion.

AceShowbiz - Salma Hayek eats her feelings.

The "Frida" star admits her diet is super-important to her because she eats whenever she's high on emotion.

"My relationship with food is extremely emotional, as I eat when I am sad, I eat when I am happy, I eat when I'm relaxing," she tells HELLO! "That's why it is important for me to make good choices when it comes to the food."

And Salma loves foods that remind her of her upbringing in Mexico.

"It's a cultural reflection of who you are and where you came from," she adds. "I am happy whenever I'm eating food my family would make, because it brings me back to happy memories."

Her favourite snacks include "strawberries with chocolate, pomegranates, all kinds of hot chilis, French cheese, rocket salad, quesadillas with basil and mint, truffles, and good red wine," and Salma created her own salsa garden full of chilis, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, and various herbs to mark this weekend's (20Mar21) Plant a Seed Day.

"I was very fortunate to grow up with a grandmother and mother who loved planting food," the "Desperado" star smiles. "I got to learn a lot about the properties of herbs and the joy of cooking with things you cut from your own garden. It's not only important for your health, but also for our connection to the earth. It's actually easier than you think and so rewarding."

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