The Phoenix Insisted on Telling Family About 'The Masked Singer' Despite Producers' Advice Not to

The newly-eliminated contestant who was unveiled as a transgender icon admits to going against the producers' advice about keeping tight-lipped about her participation.

AceShowbiz - Caitlyn Jenner had no idea how much work was involved in "The Masked Singer" before she agreed to take part.

The reality star was unveiled on the U.S. TV talent show on Wednesday night (17Mar21) after performing as the Phoenix. And speaking to Entertainment Weekly after her elimination, Caitlyn admitted she had underestimated the amount of work she'd have to do ahead of filming.

"I really didn't realise how difficult it was going to be at that time," she said. "I thought, eh, I can do this. But it was a lot of work. But I would suggest any other celebrity out there who gets asked to do this, that they give it a shot. Once it was all over with, which was very quickly, it was a good experience to go through."

While bosses urge contestants not to tell their nearest and dearest about their participation on the show, Caitlyn couldn't resist letting her daughters Kendall and Kylie into the secret. But when she told them, her girls were bemused as to why she'd agreed to compete in the programme.

"I told both of them because we're really close. And I said, 'You can't believe it, girls, this is what I'm doing.' And when I told them I was doing The Masked Singer, they both said the exact same thing: Why are you doing that?!' " she laughed.

As for her reasons, Caitlyn said she told her daughters that she loves "a good challenge, number one, you know that. Number two, we're living through this pandemic. I've got nothing else going on right now. They asked me to do this thing. Why not step out of the box, try something new?' "

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