The 'Say You Won't Let Go' hitmaker regrets the way he treated girls after gaining stardom on the talent show and feels 'indebted' to girlfriend for helping him through 'dark times.'

AceShowbiz - James Arthur has expressed his regret over the way he "treated some girls" over the years.

The 33-year-old singer has admitted to breaking "a few hearts" since starring on "The X Factor" in 2012 and he's now confessed to feeling guilty about some of his behaviour.

"I'm not exactly f**king Brad Pitt but I broke a few hearts along the way and I definitely treated some girls in a way that I regret, just because I was getting away with it, I suppose," he admitted on "The True Geordie Podcast".

"All of a sudden there was no graft involved at all with getting girls. You go and do a show, you get a girl and, before you know it, you're just DMing girls left and right and sex becomes the focus. A lot of it is for validation."

"But you're punching well above your weight. A lot of times I wouldn't even meet up with girls, it was just knowing that they were into me and that I could have had them. It's got me in trouble and made me look a certain way in the past."

However, James believes that meeting his girlfriend, dancer Jessica Grist, was a life-changing moment for him.

The "Say You Won't Let Go" hitmaker explained that Jessica has helped him through some "dark times" in his life and that he feels "indebted to her."

"Me and my missus, we've had our ups and downs because of my focus in the past on getting that validation from women," he explained. "I believe in love and partnership and I wouldn't be here ... She got me through some really f**king dark times. So I feel indebted to her."

James previously admitted to suffering from "various different types of anxiety and depression."

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