Kanye West Accused of Accepting Illegal Donations for Presidential Campaign

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports that the 'Power' rapper's presidential campaign violated fundraising rules by taking money from minors and non-U.S. citizens.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West may face the legal repercussion of his unsuccessful presidential run. The rapper's has been accused of violating several fundraising rules by accepting illegal donations during his 2020 presidential campaign.

According to the Federal Election Commission's (FEC) report, the Atlanta native's campaign accepted multiple donations from minors and possible contributions from foreign nationals after false names were spotted in the donor list. Some of these names were accompanied by addresses that are linked to drop-shipping sites in the US, suggesting they were used in place of the donors' real addresses.

Additionally, Ye appears to have accepted money from people under 18. One of the "Gold Digger" spitter's strategies was to sell campaign merchandise on his website, including $40 hats and $200 Kanye 2020 Vision hat/hoodie bundle. Multiple teenagers were reported to have bought these items.

Ian Bloom, a 16-year-old who donated to Ye's presidential bid, told the Daily Beast he spent $3,280 on Kanye merch, which he still hasn't received in the mail. He ordered the gear from the campaign store in late January and was hoping to resell it online.

"I don't know what's happening there," Ian said. "I ordered like 20 hoodies off his campaign website, along with a lot of other people that I know. They said it would be three weeks, and after that I emailed the support team, and the email just wasn't a thing."

Ian shared a screenshot of an email he had sent to the campaign, which bounced and revealed his email address had been blocked. Ian said he later disputed the charge with his credit card company, but his report is still under review.

The rules regulate that it is illegal for presidential hopefuls to intentionally seek and accept donations from people under the age of 18 or take money from non-U.S. citizens. It is reported that people under the age of 18 accounted for more than 1,200 of the reported 3,161 donations to Kanye's campaign, making for a total of $349,160 with $26,540 of that arriving in 2021.

Previously, it was revealed that Kanye spent $13.2 million in his failed presidential bid, with the 43-year-old star contributing nearly $12.5 million of his own money toward the failed campaign. The "Follow God" spitter additionally collected approximately $2 million from outside donors, bringing his total campaign contributions to $14,538,989.74.

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