FKA twigs Developing Martial Arts TV Show

The 'Cellophane' singer is working on her first television series, inspired by her 'Sad Day' music video last year, and the project has been picked up by FX.

AceShowbiz - Singer/songwriter FKA twigs is developing a new TV show about martial arts outsiders for America's FX network.

The star came up with the idea while working on her video for "Sad Day", which featured a mystical sword fighting sequence, last year (20).

"(I've done) a couple of fun things over lockdown, because I've had a lot of time with not travelling or touring," she tells The Face. "I've been able to get a couple of ideas down for TV series and films."

"There's one... off the back of Sad Day, a music video that I did for one of my songs off (2020 album) Magdalene. I've developed it into a TV series and FX have picked it up. So I'm currently making my first TV series."

"It's like a martial arts TV series, which is very much centred around outsiders and the idea of wanting to fit in but not being able to. I've been putting a lot of research into the way that the black community and the Chinese martial arts community have a really deep connection. It goes into music. (Iconic rap group) The Wu-Tang Clan came together almost through martial arts."

FKA Twigs has been making headlines recently after accusing her ex-boyfriend, Shia LaBeouf, of sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress during the course of their brief relationship in 2019.

In the same chat with actress Michaela Coel for The Face, she said, "I felt like I was holding on to somebody else's dysfunction. And now I feel like I've given it back to him. It's his to hold and rightly so. He can hold it because it's not mine..."

"It's important in this day and age that everybody's able to be accountable for their actions... in a real, genuine, deep place that, thank goodness, we are finally in, where women don't have to be quiet about that sort of thing anymore."

FKA Twigs came forward to speak about what she had allegedly been through and she admitted it was a "big relief" when she finally decided to speak out because it felt like a "real step" for her and other women experiencing the same.

She told Coel, "I felt like... a big relief … I felt like it was a real step, not just for me, (but also) for any women who, God forbid, are experiencing or have experienced that."

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