George Clooney Doesn't Dare to Cut Daughter's Hair Amid Pandemic: 'My Wife Would Kill Me!'
W Magazine/Juergen Teller

While he has no qualm of cutting his son's hair amid pandemic, the 'Ocean's Eleven' actor says he would never touch his daughter's tresses for fear of angering his wife Amal.

AceShowbiz - George Clooney's wife Amal has banned him from cutting their daughter Ella's hair.

The "Catch-22" star hit headlines last year (20) when he admitted he uses a Flowbee device - which attaches to a vacuum cleaner - to give himself an at-home haircut.

And while he revealed during an interview with W magazine that he's also started cutting his three-year-old son Alexander's locks during the Covid-19 pandemic, he laughed that Amal has forbidden him from trying his luck with Ella's tresses.

"I cut (my son's) hair, and I cut my own hair too, but I've always cut my own hair. My hair is like straw," he explained. "I haven't cut my daughter's hair. I'd get in trouble if I did. If I screw up my son's hair, he'll grow out of it. But my wife would kill me if I touched my daughter's hair."

George added that Ella's hair is long and "gorgeous."

Elsewhere in the interview, the "Ocean's Eleven" actor joked that he's taken up washing as a hobby during lockdown.

"I'll tell you what I've taken on as a hobby: two or three loads of laundry a day, dishes all f**king day, because these kids are all slobs," he sighed. "Apparently, you have to wash your children every once in a while."

The star additionally turned into the family tailor amid the pandemic. "I do a lot of sewing the kids' clothes. And my wife's dress that tore," he said in a previous interview. "I was a bachelor for a long time and didn't have any money, and you have to learn how to repair things."

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