Another man has accused the famed designer of sexually assaulting him after multiple people came forward with sexual misconduct accusations against the fashion star.

AceShowbiz - Alexander Wang is facing further sexual misconduct allegations after a fashion student claims he was assaulted by the designer at a New York club in 2019.

Parson's School of Design student Keaton Bullen, 21, has alleged during an interview with BBC News that after bumping into Wang at the nightspot, they began talking about the fashion school before the designer is said to have invited Bullen and his friend to his table and offered them vodka.

In the early hours of the morning, Bullen claims that Wang sexually assaulted him.

"All of a sudden he unzipped my trousers, put his hands in my pants and started grabbing my penis in front of a bunch of people," he told the BBC. "I completely froze. He then said: 'I want to take you home with me.' I felt weirded out... and removed myself from the situation as fast as possible."

Wang, who strenuously denied sexual assault allegations last year (20) when they first emerged, is now being accused of misconduct by 11 men - all represented by high-profile lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Meanwhile, Wang's lawyer Paul Tweed said he's awaiting CCTV footage from the club of the night in question, which "his client believes will totally disprove this allegation."

Bullen, however, is not taking legal action against Wang, and said he wanted to come forward with his story to support others with similar allegations who were being called "liars."

Early this year when denying the accusations, Alexander Wang warned, "I intend to get to the bottom of this and hold accountable whoever is responsible for originating these claims and viciously spreading them online."

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