Tamron Hall Defends Interview With 'Drag Race' Predator Sherry Pie: I Don't Give Free Passes

Despite pleas from LGBTQ+ commentators and former 'Drag Race' contestants to reconsider the interview, the 'Tamron Hall Show' host still goes on with her plan to have the admitted sexual predator as a guest on her talk show.

AceShowbiz - Tamron Hall remained defiant over her controversial interview with "RuPaul's Drag Race" alum Sherry Pie. Having drawn backlash for revealing that she would have the admitted sexual predator as a guest on her talk show, the "Tamron Hall Show" host stressed that she did not "give free passes" to him.

The 50-year-old offered the clarification when opening the Tuesday, February 16 episode of her show. "I've been a reporter for 30 years. I've conducted and I've watched interviews with people who have done bad things," she first said. "It's not giving away your platform. It's called an interview. And people who do bad things are interviewed."

"We believe the men who have gone on record about Sherry Pie," she continued. "We believe in being fair and we don't give free passes. I don't give free passes. Sherry Pie agreed to an interview. No conditions. We've offered no opportunity to promote a book, a podcast, anything that could be seen as profiting. This interview is what we say every day on this show: Let's talk about it. And that's what we're going to do."

Tamron's statements came one day after she announced on Twitter that she would invite Sherry, whose real name is Joey Gugliemelli, on her show. Many of her followers, however, were quick to express their disappointment upon learning the news.

One argued, "Why are you giving her a platform to speak when you don't even care about her victims???!!! She doesn't deserve to play the victim in all of this!!! I've never watched your show, and now I know that I never will." Another wrote, "HARD PASS. I don't tune in to shows that give platforms to sexual predators."

Also calling out the TV host was "RuPaul's Drag Race" contestant Jackie Cox. Taking to his own Twitter page, Jackie raged, "I am publicly calling on @TamronHallShow to reconsider giving Sherry Pie access to the platform of national television to tell their side of the story without first speaking with the victims of her abuses and allowing them to weigh in on their own trauma."

Despite the heat, Tamron still pushed ahead with her plan to interview Sherry. In the Tuesday's discussion, Sherry clarified, "There are no allegations. I admit to my wrongdoings. Beyond wrongdoings, just horrible behavior. I don't know if after I do this interview if more will come forward. I'm here to just apologize."

"I am prepared to take any responsibility," Sherry went on to claim. "I'm not here to hideā€¦ I didn't want to be somebody who was accused of something and just kept denying, denying, denying. This was not something that I deep down felt good about doing."

Sherry was disqualified from "RuPaul's Drag Race" in March 2020, days after the premiere of season 12. Sherry's termination came following multiple catfishing accusations that were leveled against him.

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