'Mission: Impossible 7' to No Longer Be Filmed Back-to Back With the 8th Installment
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Director Christopher McQuarrie, in the meantime, shuts down reports that the seventh movie in the action franchise had been disrupted again by COVID-19 pandemic-related travel issues.

AceShowbiz - Tom Cruise's seventh and eighth outings as Ethan Hunt in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise will no longer be filming back to back.

The action star and director Christopher McQuarrie have been battling COVID-related dramas to complete the seventh movie in the popular series, and now Deadline sources have revealed Paramount bosses have rescheduled plans to shoot "Mission: Impossible VIII".

That's partly because Cruise won't be able to film while promoting "Top Gun: Maverick", which is set for release on July 2.

He is expected to pick up the eighth "Mission: Impossible" movie later this year.

Meanwhile, in an Instagram post on Sunday, February 14, McQuarrie shot down U.K. tabloid reports suggesting "Mission: Impossible VII" had been disrupted again by pandemic-related travel issues. Instead, the filmmaker revealed the cast and crew had completed filming in the Middle East and were on their way back to London to apply a few "finishing touches."

Prior to this, it was reported that production was halted as some people refused to work and demanded to head back to the U.K. before the country's new travel restrictions are implemented. An insider explained, "The whole production has hit yet another issue and there have been revolts among the cast and crew."

"For quite a few of them, the prospect of having to quarantine in a hotel back in the U.K. is a step too far and they've demanded to be flown home before the rules change. The studio has had to fund a jet back and the missing cast and crew will inevitably cause another delay," the source added. "It was hoped that filming in the UAE would provide some flexibility but that changed when the UK shut its borders."

"Mission: Impossible VII" is still on track to hit cinemas in mid-November, while "Mission: Impossible VIII" remains on the calendar for early November, 2022.

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