Kate Winslet Credits COVID-19 Lockdown for Showing Her the Joy of Going Easy on Herself
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In a new interview, the 'Ammonite' actress admits that before the pandemic hit the world, she found it so difficult to take the time for relaxing massages and spa treatments.

AceShowbiz - Kate Winslet has learned to put herself first during the COVID lockdown, insisting she never really had much time for pampering before the pandemic.

The "Titanic" star admits she found it so difficult to take the time for relaxing massages and spa treatments, because she was always so busy as a working mum - but all that has changed and the lockdown has taught her the importance of "going really easy" on herself.

"I never give time to myself at all, really, I don't," she tells Variety. "People will so often say to me, 'Oh, you need to get a massage,' and I think, 'What? Don't got time for that (sic).' So actually, I just have enjoyed, quite honestly, just going really easy on myself."

"If I had a week where I think, 'Oh, I've probably had too much toast. Oh, well.' Or, 'Oh, well, maybe I should do some more exercise. Oh, maybe I'll do that next week.' I'm just kind of learning to go, 'Oh, it doesn't matter.' "

The 45-year-old star reveals the health crisis has taught her that life is "too short."

"Just enjoy this time, and it doesn't matter about all that c**p," she adds. "I think I'd like to hang on to a bit of that, actually, because it's easy in this job to have to live by certain disciplines, whether it's just sleep patterns or times that you eat, for example. And actually just letting go of all of that has been really such a joy. Not enforcing any degree of sort of stress or structure on stuff. I've loved all that. So I hopefully I'll carry that on."

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