Kristin Cavallari and Austen Kroll Blame 'Jealous' Exes for Torpedoing Their Innocent Friendship
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Setting record straight on dating rumors with the 'Southern Charm' star, the 'Hills' alum also admits that the drama involving their exes Jay Cutler and Madison LeCroy is 'the weirdest situation.'

AceShowbiz - Kristin Cavallari and Austen Kroll have set the record straight on their dating rumors yet again. Having been entangled in the drama between Jay Cutler and Madison LeCroy, "The Hills" alum and the "Southern Charm" star blamed "jealous" exes for torpedoing their innocent friendship.

The twosome cleared things up in the Tuesday, February 9 episode of his and Craig Conover's "Pillows and Beer" podcast. "Basically Kristin you and I texted each other and we were like, 'It sucks that our exes are so jealous that they try to torpedo our friendship.' So ridiculous," the 33-year-old told his then-rumored girlfriend.

Austen added, "They didn't have to overreact, they didn't have to do any of that. The fact that their jealousy affected our friendship is ridiculous." In response to his statement, Kristin shared, "It is the weirdest situation I have ever been a part of. That I can one hundred percent say. The fact that it's still going on to some degree. It really has nothing to do with me."

During the chat, the Uncommon James founder insisted that she and Austen never got flirtatious to one another. "It was never flirty," she claimed. "No one hooked up with anyone. Nothing ever happened. We had a really good time. And it turned into a s***storm! What happened?!"

Reacting to Kristin's statement, Craig chimed in by accusing Madison of ruining the friendship between the three of them. "I've named her scorpion. Scorpion happened," he said of his female co-star on the Bravo show. "She got involved and I think if she never got involved we would have just continued being friends."

Near the end of the discussion, Kristin emphasized, "Honestly, I've been for the most part laughing at this situation. And again, most of it has nothing to do with any of us here. It is what it is." She then concluded her message by stating, "I love you guys. I'm really happy I came on and we could clear this up and let's just keep moving forward."

Kristin and Austen sparked romance rumors in December after being spotted enjoying a dinner and dancing together. However, they were quick to shut down the speculations. In early January, Austen's ex Madison hinted at a new romance with Kristin's estranged husband, Jay. Unfortunately, Madison said that the relationship "didn't work out" as she posted their selfie later in the same month.

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