Kristin Cavallari Not Rushing to Have 'New Baby Daddy' Amid Mark Estes Romance

The former star of 'The Hills' clarifies her previous comments about her desire to have kids with her new boyfriend, insisting that she's taking things slow.

AceShowbiz - On her "Let's Be Honest" podcast, 37-year-old reality star Kristin Cavallari opened up about her relationship with 24-year-old TikTok star Mark Estes, whom she refers to as "Montana."

Cavallari revealed that she felt an "instant chemistry" with Estes after meeting him online and starting a romance in February. However, she initially intended for the relationship to be casual.

"I didn't have a f**k buddy," Cavallari admitted. "I haven't had one here in the four years since I divorced Jay Cutler."

Despite her initial intentions, Cavallari said she realized the seriousness of her relationship with Estes. "He's the first guy I've wanted to be taken off the market for," she shared. "I've dated three other people, but none of them I wanted to be in a relationship with."

However, Cavallari emphasized that she's not rushing into having another child anytime soon. "It's too soon to tell," she said. "We're just going to take our time. I'm not in a hurry to have a new baby daddy."

Cavallari, who has three children with Cutler, said she's not sure if she wants to have a fourth child. "I thought I was done having kids, but I've changed my mind a little bit," she explained. "Montana is the first guy in four years where I've thought, 'Hmm, maybe I would have another kid.' But it all depends on the person you meet."

Cavallari also revealed that she hasn't frozen her eggs and has no plans to do so. "If I'm supposed to have another baby, I will," she said.

While Cavallari has described their relationship as "serious," she acknowledged that they could break up or end up getting married in the future. "Who the f**k knows what's going to happen?" she said.

Estes has also spoken out about the relationship, saying that they're going with the flow and are happy together. "We just like each other a lot," he said.

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