The former 'Grey's Anatomy' actress calls her high school friends 'Sacred Six' who always give her 'a sense of safety and comfort' when she's around them.

AceShowbiz - Katherine Heigl's friend group gives her a "sense of safety and comfort."

The "Firefly Lane" star has a close group of friends she affectionately calls her "Sacred Six," and has revealed those in the group are the people she can always count on to give her a sense of "self-love and self-worth."

"I have a sense of safety and comfort when I'm around them. Their constant-ness has given me a sense of self-love and self-worth," she told People.

Katherine didn't reveal any names of the people in her friend circle, but said they are people who have been around since she was a teenager, as they each helped one another navigate their "incredibly tumultuous and hormone-driven" school years.

"Together we navigated those incredibly tumultuous and hormone-driven years, and then as we got into our early 20s, we lost touch," she added. "A high school reunion brought us back together, and since then we have maintained the connection. Having that history makes this bond between us so powerful. I don't feel like I have to be anything other than just who I am - and they love me regardless."

The former "Grey's Anatomy" star has been unable to see her friends amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but has instead been relishing her time at home with her husband, Josh Kelley, and their three children - Naleigh, 12, Adalaide, eight, and Joshua, four.

Speaking about her husband, she said, "In the 15 years we've been together or the 13 years we've been married, we have never spent this amount of time together. This has been an interesting experiment in romance, that's for sure."

"Josh built this little shed in the backyard for us to go and hide, and it's been a real lifesaver. We leave the kids, and we try to talk about each other and remember we're not just parents."

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