Original Daenerys Tamzin Merchant Showers Emilia Clarke With Praises for Making the Role Iconic

Looking back at her participation in the flop pilot of 'Game of Thrones', 'The Tudors' actress explains why she still wishes she listened to her instinct and turned down the role.

AceShowbiz - The actress who played Daenerys Targaryen in the original "Game of Thrones" pilot has revealed the shoot was a nightmare and she still wishes she'd turned down the role.

Tamzin Merchant, who was cast as the Mother of Dragons for the flop 2009 pilot before Emilia Clarke landed the role, has revealed she had an inkling the show was not for her and regrets not following her instinct.

"Shooting that pilot was a really great lesson," she tells EW.com. "It was an affirmation about listening to my instincts and following them, because I tried to back out of that situation and, during the contract process, I did back out. I was talked back into it by some persuasive people."

"Then I found myself naked and afraid in Morocco and riding a horse that was clearly much more excited to be there than I was."

"The Tudors" star Merchant, who was 21 at the time, has since appeared in "Salem", "Supergirl", and "Carnival Row", and she's just about to launch her career as a writer with young adult fantasy novel "The Hatmakers".

She reveals the scene that really left her scarred for life was Daenerys' wedding night, which was toned down for the actual show.

"I didn't have any training as an actor, I only have my instincts," Merchant adds. "And what excites me and what drives me is a compelling story and a compelling character. So for me, Game of Thrones was never that. I think it's a testament to Emilia Clarke for making that role iconic. She was obviously excited to tell that story, and she was epic and excellent. But for me, it wasn't in my heart to tell it."

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