'The Bachelor' Recap: New Women Arrive, One of Them Is Accused of Being an Escort

Meanwhile, Katie approaches Matt James and has decided to tell him about the bullying going on in the house, saying that 'the house just needs to be better' and 'it's just a toxic environment.'

AceShowbiz - The competition to win Matt James' heart in his season of "The Bachelor" is not getting easier. Four weeks into the journey, ABC producers decided to bring new women to the show. Prior to their arrival, viewers saw how things were going following Sarah's self-elimination.

While Matt didn't cancel the group date, the women only got an after-party without a day date. He then had a private moment with Chelsea, who shared with him her own experience of being the only black girl among her friends. "I had chemically straightened my hair since I was 2 years old. All my friends were white, my school was white," she said. "It's definitely a unique experience that Black women have with their hair. So when I finally decided to share it, it was such an emotionally freeing experience." Matt gave her a rose.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Katie had an argument at the house. "I think it's rude the way you speak to me. I think you are a b***h," Victoria told Katie. The latter then clapped back, "If you're going to be rude to someone, especially someone who's not here, I'm going to call you out. I think it's unnecessary."

Later at the cocktail part prior to the rose ceremony, Matt sat down with Pieper and Kit as he tried to get to know them better. He also had a great conversation with Bri. When Matt walked outside with Victoria, they were interrupted by host Chris Harrison. That was when he told the Bachelor that "there are some more incredible women that are dying to meet you, and want a shot at falling in love with you. They're arriving right now."

The first woman to arrive was Brittany, who didn't waste her time to make out with Matt. Victoria wasn't a fan of her and called her a "back-up." Following her up were Michelle, Ryan, Kim and pagean queen Catalina, the latter of which came with a crown on her head. But then Victoria said, "I'm Victoria, like the queen, and I think I should have that crown actually," before removing the crown from Catalina's head and putting it on her own.

It was time for Matt to hand out the roses. He gave the roses to MJ, Pieper and Bri. Maggie and newbie Michelle also received the roses. Also getting the roses were Marie, Ryan, Kit, Serena C, Abigail, Katie and Victoria. Anna was both angry and nervous as Matt handed out the roses to Lauren, Brittany and Jennesia. There were two roses left and they were for Anna and Catalina. That meant Khaylah, Kaili and newcomer Kim were eliminated.

The next day, former "The Bachelor" star Ben Higgins came to visit Matt. He joined Matt and some women in a group date in which they had to do an obstacle course, including kayaking through a lake in giant pumpkins. Later at the night portion of the date, Matt and Anna sat down together but Brittany interrupted them midway. "It's just... disrespectful. I know some dirt on you," Anna said in confessional.

Later, Anna alluded that Brittany was an escort girl. "She may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men," so she told Victoria. She then confroted Brittany in front of everyone. "Brittany, I really want to talk to you. We're all fighting for the same man, so I just want to make sure your intentions are pure," Anna said "Coming into this, I was actually getting messages from people in Chicago and them just saying, 'Watch out for this girl,' that you're an escort and all this stuff."

"Wait, you were telling people in the house that?" Brittany asked. Anna responded, I think that's an awful thing to say about someone, and I want to apologize, but also want to give you the space if you want to talk about why people were sending warnings about you when I literally have never met you."

Denying the accusation, Brittany said, "I'm not an escort. It's just so ridiculous to say that. To have that come out of my mouth... I've had a boyfriend my entire like... since I was 16. Making a conclusion about me before you even get to know me, that's sh**ty. I don't know. It just makes me -- I just feel like everyone's against me right now. I know you guys don't care at all, but it's really hard."

Meanwhile, Matt and Michelle had a one-on-one date where they enjoyed riding a hot air balloon. "Today's been incredible. I'm just up there, vibing with Michelle. It's something about her presence, it puts me at ease. It feels like I've known her for a long time," Matt said of his date with Michelle. Eventually, Matt handed out the rose to Michelle.

The next day, the women had a group boxing date with Matt. When Katie spotted Matt outside, she approached him and told him about the bullying in the house. "The house just needs to be better. It's just a toxic environment," she told Matt, adding that rumors could "ruin someone's life." She continued, "I just figured tomorrow... you could address it. Coming from you, I think it would mean a lot more to them." It seems like Matt will take an action in next week's episode.

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