Claudia and Kellyanne Conway Under Investigation After Viral TikTok Video Sparks Abuse Allegations
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The 16-year-old daughter of the former Senior Counselor to President Trump shares a video showing her mother getting a police visit after she posted a video documenting their screaming match.

AceShowbiz - Police are now involved in Kellyanne Conway's long-running drama with her daughter Claudia Conway. The mother-daughter duo is reportedly under investigation after a TikTok video sparked allegations that the former White House advisor is abusing her daughter.

On Thursday, January 20, the 16-year-old posted another video showing her mother talking to police in the entryway of their New Jersey home. The officers paid a visit to do a welfare check on the teenager after Claudia posted a disturbing compilation video of her mother screaming at her.

In the Thursday video, Claudia filmed her mom who told police about her, "She's upset, she's been upset for a week because we had a tough call with her school, I knew she had been upset…" Claudia frowned as text over her head read, "guys she's telling the police she is unsafe because she is getting threats. The facts!"

Kellyanne further explained the situation, "She had been doing her TikToks, it was 1:30 in the morning and at that point I had been up for 22 hours." Kellyanne told the police she had asked Claudia to go to family therapy and blamed "the people on TikTok" for "[building] her up." She added, "She went through a very tough time right before you were here on November 2," revealing that police had previously paid a visit to the Conway home.

"They wanted to cancel her because she had a party and they didn't see enough masks," Kellyanne further claimed. "People are jealous of her; we love her." When a man, presumably the officer, advised Kellyanne to "get rid" of Claudia’s phone and internet, the teen interjected to say that she pays for her own phone.

The man then said, "if she wants to leave, let her go." The video ended with Kellyanne telling the officers that "this came out of nowhere." Claudia begged to differ, yelling, "It didn't! It's been happening!" In the caption, Claudia said that she told the police she was fine and they left.

She additionally seemed to express her remorse for triggering her mom, "I'm really scared and it's my mom's birthday so I feel guilty and invalid even though i shouldn't and my anxiety is spiraling."

TMZ reported that police are still investigating the situation.

Claudia sparked concern after she posted on TikTok on January 19 compilation footage of her mom shouting, swearing and belittling her with insults like, "If you only knew what people thought of you." Claudia insisted that she was not looking for attention but rather "looking for safety." The next day, she posted and deleted the following message to her followers, "like I'm not even kidding if any of you live in this area come pick me up."

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