Lisa Maffia of So Solid Crew Found Not Guilty of Assault

The So Solid Crew star has been acquitted of assaulting a hairdresser following a 2020 altercation as a judge rules in her favor and calls her testimony 'credible and believable.'

AceShowbiz - Former So Solid Crew star Lisa Maffia has been acquitted of attacking a London hairdresser.

Allegations she scratched Rebekah Groves during an altercation at a Croydon salon last year (20) were dismissed by magistrates on Friday (22Jan21), after hearing Maffia lashed out after demanding the return of several sets of hot comb hair straighteners, which the stylist had been selling on her behalf.

The "21 Seconds" hitmaker appeared upset and emotional as she attended court in Croydon on Friday after pleading not guilty to assault by beating in November.

Prosecutor James Tucker told the court Maffia, a former client and friend of Groves, attempted to grab the hairstylist's phone as she tried to call the police during the altercation. "It seems that the phone was grabbed, taken off Ms Groves and that she received scratches to her arms and, she says, was hit a number of times," he said.

Groves was also allegedly attacked again by one of Maffia's associates outside the salon.

Police officers were eventually called and later interviewed Maffia, who initially provided a prepared statement.

"I was doing (my friend's) hair and a black lady approached the door and was knocking on it," Groves said. "I opened the door and as soon as I opened the door she stepped into the shop. I was a bit confused. She looked like she was stalling because she was just asking random questions. It didn't seem like a sincere inquiry. A couple of seconds later Lisa barged in through the door too."

"She opened the door aggressively and then walked straight in, no 'hello', nothing, just, 'Where's my stuff?' "

Groves told the pair she was going to call the police, at which point her phone was allegedly taken from her and she followed Maffia and her associate outside to retrieve the device.

"I was scared for my life... I tried to get to the other side of the road but I didn't make it because my ponytail was pulled back," the plaintiff added. "My head was dragged down and at the time I believed I was punched in the face, but now I believe I was kicked."

Meanwhile, Maffia told the court she had arranged to pick up the hair equipment from the shop and claimed Groves became "verbally aggressive" towards her.

"I asked Rebekah why she blocked me and she was straightaway hostile...," she said. "I could see she was angry and there was a lot going on. I just wanted to get out. She was throwing things... She had a hot comb... and charged at me."

Maffia rejected accusations she had "overreacted" and revealed Groves had posted defamatory remarks about her on social media following their fight.

Lawmaker David Taylor ruled in favour of Maffia, declaring there was no evidence to suggest she had been involved in an assault, calling the singer's testimony "credible and believable."

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