Luenell Labels Dr. Dre 'Notorious Woman Beater'

In a new interview, the comedian also discusses RnB icon Michel'le who insisted that the megaproducer was physically abusive to her, noting that 'his track record sucks.'

AceShowbiz - Comedian Luenell feels some type of way about rap icon Dr. Dre. While most people were sympathetic to the rapper following his hospitalization due to brain aneurysm, Luenell slammed him instead in a new interview.

"Now, one would say, does Dre get a pass for being such a notorious woman beater 'cause he makes good music? One would say," Luenell said during her appearance on VladTV. "One would say that some people ain't gonna be praying for Dr. Dre."

She went on saying, "A lot of women, but you can get a pass, it seems, if you're popular. He a notorious woman beater. I love Dr. Dre's music, don't get it f***ed up, and I don't want to see any of our icons die. But, I don't...we can't...some of the charges his wife was making was even that he had been violent with her. His track record sucks."

During the interview, Vlad and Luenell also discussed R&B icon Michel'le who insisted that the megaproducer was physically abusive. Additionally, they talked about Dre brutally attacking rapper Dee Barnes at a Hollywood party in 1991. "[It's] character flaw that he just can't--he might go years and not do it and then he might just go off," Luenell said of Dr. Dre's alleged violent behavior.

Dr. Dre is currently in a nasty divorce battle with his estranged wife Nicole Young, who also accused him of domestic violence prior and during their 24-year marriage. In court papers, Nicole claimed she became alarmed when he had his brother-in-law pick up his Glock from the Malibu pad she was staying at. She said she feared Dre and wouldn't turn it over because she said Dre had a "history of violence and coercive control, both before and during the marriage."

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