Robbie Williams Confined to St. Barts Villa After Testing Positive for COVID-19

The former Take That star jetted out to the Caribbean island in late December 2020 with wife Ayda Field and their four children for the New Year holiday, but is now forced to extend his stay.

AceShowbiz - Robbie Williams has tested positive for coronavirus. The former Take That star, who jetted out to the St. Barts in late December 2020 with his family, was reported to have been confined to his villa in the Caribbean island following his diagnosis.

Offering more details about the 48-year-old's condition was The Sun. "[He]'s been fairly sick," the outlet quoted a source as saying. "He's confined to the villa where he is staying with his family. It's not exactly the worst place in the world to be quarantined, although he cannot go to the beach. He will have to remain in quarantine for up to 14 days."

Robbie flew to Caribbean on December 28 for a New Year getaway along with his wife Ayda Field and their four children, eight-year-old Teddy, six-year-old Charlton, two-year-old Colette and one-year-old Beau. They have since stayed in a £106,000-a-week villa.

Back in September 2020, the "Angels" singer revealed that he had been isolating on a mountain in Switzerland in an attempt to avoid being exposed to coronavirus. When speaking to Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, he spilled, "I'm somewhere in Switzerland up a mountain."

"I'm a bit neurotic and I thought where can I place myself where it won't get me? And I thought, well I'll just live up the Mont Blanc for 6 months," he added. "it's really warm actually, it's really lovely."

Coronavirus aside, the former judge of "The X Factor" divulged in mid-December that he almost died from arsenic poisoning while on a fish diet. "I was eating fish twice a day and I've got the highest mercury poisoning the doctor has ever seen," he told Radio X at that time.

"Do you know what I thought when I heard that? 'I've won!' That's how my ego works! 'I've got the highest...did you say the highest? Thank you," he went on recalling. "I literally won the mercury award! I got my mercury tested because my wife's neurotic and she gets all sorts of tests all the time. Anyway, thank God! I could've dropped dead of mercury and arsenic poisoning."

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