Megan Thee Stallion's Ex BFF Kelsey Nicole Under Fire for Supporting Rival Erica Banks

Kelsey has found herself in hot water after posting a video of her doing viral 'Buss It' challenge, showing her support to the new 1501 Entertainment artist, whom many deem a 'fake' Megan.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion's ex BFF Kelsey Nicole sparked outrage within Megan's fandom with her new post on Instagram. In the said post on Sunday, January 17, Kelsey was seen twerking while doing the viral "Buss It" challenge to new 1501 Entertainment artist Erica Banks' song of the same title.

"Ending my set with the #bussitchallenge f**k it @realericabanks," she wrote in the caption. It didn't take long for fans to attack Kelsey for showing support to Erica, whom many deem a "fake" Megan wannabe.

"If she was a real friend in the beginning, she wouldn't be doing all this...Clout at its finest," one user wrote in the comment section. Kelsey caught wind of the comment and quickly hit back, "Na baby it's called I don't owe anyone s**t , and it's all love with everyone. Show love get love."

Referring to Kelsey's twerking skills, another person said, "Meg taught her." To that, Kelsey responded, "meg ain't teach s**t, foh."

Upon reading Kelsey's replies, a user opined, "That's True Though. If Kelsey And Meg Were Still Friends She Wouldn't Be Supporting Erica Banks. It Doesn't Come Across As Genuine Tbh." Another critic added, "She's so pressed to reply to every comment about Meg. Let that hurt go sis."

However, some others were in Kelsey's side this time. "They're not friends she doesn't owe Meg anything lol," one person agreed with Kelsey. "Clout ? Because she's doing a challenge everyone is doing???" another user defended Kelsey. Meanwhile, someone else urged fans to leave Kelsey alone and stop inserting themselves in their beef, saying, "Meg beef is not y'all beef y'all need to stay in a fans place."

"Y'all be having me confused as hell talking bout Kelsey not being a gd friend when that 'friend' screwed her over FIRST! Kelsey good, buss it hunny!" another fan supported Kelsey.

Megan and Kelsey fell out following the Hot Girl Summer's shooting drama with Tory Lanez. It was reported that the physical altercation, which left Megan injured on her leg, was because Megan found out that Tory slept with Kelsey.

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