The former Fifth Harmony star calls a self-proclaimed relationship coach 'mad pathetic' for making sexist and derogatory comments against women who like sex.

AceShowbiz - Singer and fervent feminist Lauren Jauregui has taken on a Twitter troll after he suggested women who like sex are "dirty prostitutes" who will struggle to land a husband.

YogiOabs, a self-proclaimed relationship coach, wrote a lengthy, derogatory tweet about women, suggesting men enjoy chasing the objects of their affection.

"Call a wh*re for what she is. A WH*RE," he snarled. "Men will sleep with these dirty prostitutes but not marry them. Don't walk in their footsteps if you want a kind husband one day! The chase woman is more lovable. If you're offended by this, YOU'RE A WH*RE."

Former Fifth Harmony star Lauren spotted the tweet, quoted it, and then called out the writer for his comments, writing, "Omg I'm a wh*re...?! Lmao (laughing my a** off) y'all be mad pathetic and can't even make a woman c*m. Let us orgasm and enjoy sex in peace yogi. PS SW (sex work) is valid work since the beginning of time. When y'all men stop paying for sex you can come for the folks that profit off your nasty a**es (sic)."

She added, "Via the logic of this ignorant lil sexist a** tweet: If women become dirty after sleeping with these men... who's really dirty to begin with?"

Meanwhile, YogiOabs continued to share his controversial views on how women should behave. "Ladies, men view you as a set of three holes when you dress immodestly. Cover up and display your inner beauty. Men will start to love you again and not just lust after you," he wrote in a newer tweet. "Get this mug here and inspire women to be pure."

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