Candace Owens Blasts Cosmopolitan for Glamorizing Obesity: You Should be 'Ashamed'

The conservative author, commentator and political activist drags Cosmopolitan magazine on Twitter for its covers which feature 'healthy' plus-sized models, accusing the magz of lying.

AceShowbiz - Candace Owens made headlines over yet other controversial tweets. The conservative author, commentator and political activist took to her Twitter account to drag Cosmopolitan magazine for its covers which featured "healthy" plus-sized models, accusing the magz of lying.

"We must fight to protect the next generation of children who are being intentionally targeted and brainwashed with lies," so Candace tweeted on Monday, January 4 alongside two pictures of Cosmopolitan covers. The said covers had plus-sized women while the caption read, "This is healthy!"

Candace questioned, "Women can be men? Men can be women? And now--obesity is 'healthy'?" She then rebutted, "NO, it's not. Clinical obesity is the main cause of the America's #1 killer: heart disease."

In a separate tweet, Candace further criticized the magazine by writing, " 'If you can do the splits while smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, then you're healthy'-- said nobody, ever. @Cosmopolitan you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for trying to glamorize our country's number 1 killer."

Candace Owens slammed Cosmopolitan for glamorizing obesity

Candace Owens slammed Cosmopolitan for glamorizing obesity.

The tweets quickly gained mixed reaction from Internet users. One replied to Candace's tweet, "We know that obesity is an issue, one can still be healthy and overweight, which is the point of these ads. Some people are in fact naturally fat."

Another user then defended Candace by writing back to the first commenter, "Show me the SCIENCE. I don't know one overweight person who is healthy." The person continued, "I don't care if you're fat or skinny, if you can't climb a couple flight of stairs without huffing and puffing and gasping for air, you are not healthy."

"I- I don't even know where to begin with this bulls**t but size does not always determine health. This is the kind of stuff that convinces people there's something wrong with them, when in reality every body is different and that is okay," someone else opined. Meanwhile, echoing Candace's sentiment, another user exclaimed, "Obesity is far from healthy! I’m of talking about looks but what it does to your entire body and the risks associated with it. Shameful by cosmopolitan."

Candace, however, wasn't the only one who criticized the covers. Conservative columnist Rita Panahi wrote on her own page, "Weird time for @Cosmopolitan to do this cover given the relationship between obesity and death/serious illness from Covid."

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