Eminem Reveals Near-Fatal Drug Overdose Almost Stripped Him of Rapping Skills
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Addressing his diss track at Rihanna, the 'Lose Yourself' spitter says he was just rapping whatever rhymed because the song was recorded during the time that he was relearning how to rhyme.

AceShowbiz - Eminem may be one of the best rappers alive today, but a near-fatal drug overdose almost stripped him of the ability. The Grammy Award-winning artist admits he had to relearn how to rhyme again after the 2007 incident that almost took his life.

The Slim Shady briefly touched on his drug issue and its aftermath when addressing his diss track "Things Get Worse" aimed at Rihanna. "When it first happened, I was like, first, I didn't know how, how somebody got it," he said to SiriusXM's Gray Rizzy on Monday, January 4.

The 48-year-old star claimed he had no recollection of the lyrics and figured he was just rapping whatever rhymed because the song was recorded during the time he was relearning how to rap. "Second of all, I have no, zero recollection of even remembering doing that, that verse, like 'The rhyme schemes didn't even sound familiar to me.' So I was caught off guard, too," he shared.

Em went on recounting, "I was like, 'What the f**k, I said that?' And that was during early stages of the 'Relapse' record that I was working on. So, you know, it's ten-plus years old, but not making excuses for it. I said it and I was wrong for saying that, it was f**king stupid."

"A lot of times, especially with the 'Relapse' record, when I first started learning how to rap again, because of the drug situation that I went through and having to relearn a lot of things," the "8 Mile" star continued. "That was one of those things that it was like, well, if it rhymes, say it. I think that being able to look back - I mean, that's not even an excuse - but I'm just saying there was a phase I was going through with that 'Relapse' record."

In the said diss track, which was recorded during sessions for his 2009 album "Relapse", Em rapped, "I'm not playing, Rihanna, where'd you get the VD at?/ Let me add my two cents/ Of course I side with Chris Brown/ I'd beat a b***h down too/ If she gave my d**k an itch now." The song was leaked in 2019.

Em later addressed the controversial lyrics in his new song "Zeus", on which he apologized to his "Love the Way You Live" collaborator, "And wholeheartedly, apologies, Rihanna/ For that song that leaked, I'm sorry, Ri/ It wasn't meant to cause you grief."

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