Rod Stewart Reveals How He Conned His Way Out of Massive Hotel Bills

The 'Foot Loose and Fancy Free' rocker recalls cheating hotels out of massive bills that he racked up for calling home from across the country to listen to soccer games.

AceShowbiz - Rod Stewart conned his way out of massive hotel phone bills by convincing staff they must have made a mistake.

The soccer-mad rocker used to call home and listen to big Scotland games on TV when he was on the road, racking up hotel charges that he would then dispute.

In an appearance in a new documentary about Scottish soccer star Denis Law, Stewart recalled one phone bill he was handed as he checked out of a U.S. hotel in late 1973.

"To get to the 1974 World Cup in Germany, we had to beat Czechoslovakia," the 75-year-old star recalled. "This was another game I didn’t see, because I was working with the Faces, but I remember it like it was yesterday... I used to phone up, and my dad would put the phone by the television and I would listen for the whole game. Then they would send me a bill for hundreds of quid (pounds)."

"I would say, 'What person in his right mind would be on a phone call for 90-odd minutes?' and they would say, 'Oh, yes, I suppose it is a mistake, Mr. Stewart', and I would get a bill for 10 quid."

Stewart was the Scottish team's good luck charm in 1973 - they beat Czechoslovakia and made it to the 1974 World Cup, but despite only giving up a goal in the first round in a 1-1 draw with Yugoslavia, they didn't move on.

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