Meghan Trainor Hopes of Becoming 'Princess of Christmas' With New Holiday Album

The 'Al About That Bass' hitmaker wants to become 'princess of Christmas' with 'A Very Trainor Christmas' while her idol Mariah Carey remains the queen of the jolly holiday.

AceShowbiz - Meghan Trainor is hoping her new collection of holiday tunes bumps her to the top of the festive hits tree, but she doesn't want to topple her heroine, Mariah Carey, as the Queen of Christmas.

The pregnant star recorded "A Very Trainor Christmas" as the COVID lockdown set in with her brothers Ryan and Justin, and dropped the album in October (20).

And she admits she had Mariah on her mind throughout. "With the covers, I was like, 'What songs do I know I'm capable of singing?' " she tells Billboard. "I'm not Mariah Carey, you know? She's the queen."

"There were jokes that she's the queen of Christmas, and I was like, 'I just want to be princess of Christmas!' "

Meghan just hopes her songs are helping cheer up depressed fans. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel," she says. "Things will and can get better. Just hang in there and stay positive. Have a little joy in your life, and put on this Christmas album."

Meanwhile, Meghan admits Christmas has always been a big deal for her family.

Speaking to Philadelphia's B101.1 radio, she added, "A lot of people feel bad for me because my birthday's December 22, but it was always the best for me. Not only did I get Christmas; I also got my birthday."

"In my world it was the best month of all time. You would get let out of school. I was like, 'I truly won.' I'm so lucky that I was born on this day.

"Growing up in Nantucket, my dad always got real trees. I remember the pain that was and how annoying it was to have a real tree. So nowadays, as an adult, I have a lot of dogs - I don't want them to eat the needles - so we've got fake trees this year. But as a kid, my dad would decorate the whole entire house and it was so special and I just remember growing up, having all the Christmas tree lightings downtown. It was huge for us growing up."

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