Benzino's Daughter Coi Leray Shares Pic of Wrecked Car After Near-Fatal Accident

The 'Slide' raptress sends a message to her fans and followers to cherish their moments with their loved ones after she could've 'died' in the car accident.

AceShowbiz - Coi Leray just had an unpleasant experience on the eve of Christmas. The female rapper and daughter of Benzino, whose real name is Brittany Collins, revealed on Thursday, December 24 that she was involved in a near-fatal car accident.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared a picture of her wrecked car and another vehicle that ran into hers. She blamed the other driver for the traffic collision, claiming that the said person ran into a red light.

"So homie ran his light tryna be quick to get on the highway," she wrote in the accident. Stressing how serious it was and how it could've ended up worse for her, she added, "I could of died."

Details of the accident are not yet available, but Coi later shared a message to her friends and followers about cherishing their moments with their loved ones. "Hold ya all loved ones. Your brothers, your sisters. Call them, tell them you appreciate them," she said in a short Instagram Live video.

She echoed the message in a Christmas post shared via her Instagram Stories. "Merry Christmas. Hope everyone uses this time to appreciate family and the real friends you call family," she wrote. The 23-year-old went on imploring, "Understand that life ain't forever so cherish this moment y'all got with eachother… and always remember to pray for Better Days."

Benzino has not publicly reacted to his daughter's recent unfortunate experience. The car accident happened just a few days after it was reported that Coi was spotted on a lunch date with fellow hip-hop star Blueface.

The two dined out together at Harold's Chicken in Hollywood last weekend, according to TMZ which obtained photos of their outing. They reportedly appeared to be in a very flirty mood, while chowing down on a plate of chicken.

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