The Mexican Kim Kardashian, Joselyn Cano, Dead at 29

Mourning the passing of the American model, Lira Galore suggests that the Internet personality died while getting surgery, possibly a cosmetic procedure, in Colombia.

AceShowbiz - Joselyn Cano's fans are in shock after learning reports of the popular Instagram model's death. According to Deaddeath, the fashion designer, who was often called "The Mexican Kim Kardashian", passed away on December 7, though the news only broke a few days later.

According to the site, the 29-year-old model's sudden passing caused "so much heartbreak and agony to the beloved" ones. No cause of death is confirmed at as of press time as the family has not released an official statement on the heartbreaking news, but folks on Twitter claimed that she died in Peru while trying to get a butt lift surgery.

"Joselyn cano passed away from getting a bbl in Columbia this is why I get so scared," one of the tweets read. Another shocked fan wrote, "What the f**k? Joselyn cano died from getting a bbl in Peru? That s**t is crazy."

Among those who have reacted to the news of Joselyn's death was fellow model and social media personality Lira Galore. Echoing the social media users' comments about the cause of death, she tweeted on Tuesday, December 15, "Omg Joselyn Cano died in Colombia getting surgery that's wild." She went on singing praise for the late star, "She looked so good already wow prayers for her family she was so sweet."

Someone called Lira's death "so sad," while another weighed in on the alleged tragic circumstance of Joselyn's death, "So sad people risking their whole life just to impress others I will never understand it cuz that dude gna cheat anyway sooooo....." A third person shared the sentiment, adding, "Wow! R.I.H but this won't stop ladies for taking chance with their life. Prayers up."

Joselyn had admitted that she did undergo some cosmetic surgeries to enhance her look, in addition to working out day and night to achieve volume and tone. "Some of today's workouts! I love the last one! You can definitely feel the glutes being exercised," she once shared about her fitness regime. "I squeeze my glutes as I go to help stimulate more muscle growth. I've always received so many dms from girls asking me about my routines and my meals, so I decided to start posting more workouts and meals regularly on my @joselyncanofit page soon!"

Due to her popularity on social media, some Hispanic media have nicknamed her "The Mexican Kim Kardashian". Joselyn, who had over 12.8 million followers on Instagram, last updated her page with a photo of herself in a skimpy bikini on December 6.

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