George Clooney Says Wife Amal Would Make a Great President of the United States

The 'Midnight Sky' actor insists, in a perfect world, his wife would be the President of the United States and he would be happy to support her as First Man.

AceShowbiz - George Clooney is confident his wife Amal would make a great President of the United States.

"The Midnight Sky" star would love to see his wife take office and has insisted that it would be a "perfect world" if his spouse was ever in charge of the White House.

Speaking on British morning show "Lorraine", he said, "Well, there are certain laws that you have to be an American citizen, but in a perfect world, Amal for President, I would be happy to be First Man ..."

"I would be doing all the laundry and mopping the floors. Listen, the world would be a lot better if it was run by Amal and the Amals of the world. Well, it would certainly be a more peaceful world. We know that for sure. I am all for it. We are well due for a female President, maybe we will in the future. We have a female vice-president, so that is exciting."

George would have no issue doing the housework as he has been doing chores in lockdown.

Speaking about his mother, he added, "I was broke a good portion of my life, I lived in a one-bedroom apartment and did all the laundry and stuff. It's been a while, as you can imagine, and so suddenly I am doing ten loads of laundry and mopping floors and washing dishes and staining all the woodwork."

"I feel like my mother in 1964 and I have a whole new respect for her. She had no help at all and two kids when she was 19."

Meanwhile, George is disappointed he and Amal won't be able to spend Christmas with their parents but he's hoping things will be better by this time next year.

He continued, "It's an odd year, as we all know, so the idea of not being with Amal's parents and my parents for Christmas is unfortunate and sad, but we are going to get through it and there is light at the end of the tunnel."

"I look at this Christmas as the last Christmas that we will have to all of us be separated for a while. That would be the Christmas present that we would all like."

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