Cher Unsure How Much She Made From Her Las Vegas Residency

Aside from answering question whether she really gets paid $60 million a year for the shows, the 'Strong Enough' hitmaker talks about getting older and young girls' desire for plastic surgery.

AceShowbiz - Cher doesn't know how much she makes from her Las Vegas residency.

The "Strong Enough" icon has held a residency in Sin City since 2008, but she's still not entirely sure how much she makes from the money-spinning shows.

Asked whether she really gets paid $60 million (£43.8 million) a year in Las Vegas, she replied, "It sounds like a good number, but I don't know the figure."

"I know I go to work and I like it and I'm getting paid well, but also I have an overhead you can't believe. I have 100 people on staff."

Despite her continued success, Cher worries about ageing and is now more cautious than ever about going out because she's surrounded by people with camera phones.

Asked if getting older worries her, she told Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "I hate it. What, I'm going to say I like it? No, I don't. Any woman who is honest will say it's not as much fun. When I was working on the road we used to work two shows a night and then go out dancing all night long."

"It's like we've got to rest because you've got another night. Also, I don't like going out now because everybody's got a camera and it's not safe. People rush you, and you don't know if they're going to kill you or take your picture. Either way, I don't like it."

Cher has undergone a number of plastic surgeries during her life.

But the chart-topping star can't understand why some girls want to get surgery at such a young age.

"These girls are having surgery at 18. So come on!" she sighed. "I've never seen girls do so much to want to change everything they look like. I never wanted to do that. You've got big lips to start with and a big butt. I don't understand it."

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