George Clooney Says Lockdown Confirmed to Him That He 'Picked Right' With Amal

The 'From Dusk Till Dawn' actor is grateful to have Amal, saying the coronavirus lockdown proved to him that he made the right decision when he married the barrister.

AceShowbiz - George Clooney has credited lockdown for confirming to him that he "picked right" with Amal Clooney.

"The Monuments Men" star has enjoyed spending time with his wife and their three-year-old children - Alexander and Ella - during the coronavirus pandemic and knows he chose well with Amal.

"We really haven't moved since February. It's easier in Los Angeles because it's not raining and snowing, so it's a lot easier to walk out in the street," he told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "These drug companies have done an amazing job and we're almost there so it would be really stupid to blow it now. So we're staying here and we'll do Christmas here. There's nothing more fun than sitting there in the morning with my kids singing in Italian and us making breakfast for them. I picked right when I picked Amal. It's just the two of us having dinner together every night and we never run out of conversation. We couldn't be happier with our lives and we couldn't feel luckier."

And the 59-year-old actor has enjoyed undertaking some DIY during lockdown.

"I was a broke bachelor for a long time and I did all the things I'm doing now," he smiled. "I did my own laundry and washed dishes and mopped, and I painted the entire interior and exterior of my house. And now it's just the four of us here and so I'm back to doing all of that. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the four of us, I wood-stained all the wood furniture outside and the walls. And I did all the things that I haven't done in a bit, which was a good reminder that I can still do them all. It's fun."

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