Lily Collins Admits to Have Missed Signs Charlie McDowell Was About to Make His Marriage Proposal

During an appearance on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', the 'Emily in Paris' star claims that she was 'totally surprised' when her writer/director boyfriend of 18 months got down on one knee.

AceShowbiz - Actress Lily Collins missed all the clues that her fiance, Charlie McDowell, was about to propose to her - and was "totally surprised" when he got down on one knee.

The "Emily in Paris" star had no idea the son of actors Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell was ready to take their 18-month romance to the next level during a camper van road trip in New Mexico, but looking back to the big day in October, she admits she should have guessed something was afoot.

"What's funny is that he totally wasn't (acting weird)," she laughed during an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show", "and he is the first to admit he's not an actor. He's a writer/director and usually he is just like, very much emotions on his sleeve, like you can tell what's going on. He was so cool and I had no idea."

But with the benefit of "hindsight", Emily accepts she missed some big signs.

"Now looking back on it though, he had taken his jacket off and put it back on, taken it off again, put it back on, and I thought, 'I guess it's hot out, he's fidgeting with this clothes'," she explained. "He had set up his camera for a self-timer so he got the whole thing on video but I thought he was just deciding whether he wanted to keep his jacket on."

And Charlie confessed later that he wasn't feeling at all cool inside ahead of the stressful moment, telling his new fiancee, "I was sweating so much I just couldn't get comfortable".

"With hindsight, I realised there were certain signs I could have read into," the bride-to-be admitted, "but he was so cool, calm and collected I had no idea. I was totally surprised."

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