Robbie Williams Readying New Songs Under Different Moniker

Teaming up with his friends and Australian songwriters/producers Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis, the former Take That member announces that he's forming a new band.

AceShowbiz - Robbie Williams is hoping to bounce back from the COVID crisis with a new band.

The former Take That star has revealed he's forming a new group with a couple of friends.

Opening up about his music plans on Instagram Live on Thursday (December 03), the "Angels" singer said, "It's a little project that I've got going on with a couple of friends of mine, Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe. We're forming a band everyone. I've got songs coming out that will not be under the name of Robbie Williams."

And Williams is also planning to become a real-life Rock DJ and perform at new music venues and art galleries he plans to open around the world.

"What I'm gonna do is rent a space, put my art in there. During the day it'll be a gallery," he explained. "Then at night I shall be DJing and it will be a musical venue, something the old folks will call a rave. I'll be on the espressos. Oh yes I will. Quadruple espresso. Doing it old school."

"I'm very, very excited about this. I want to do it in Berlin. I also want to do it in Tokyo. I wanna do it in several places... It's one of them things; it's a passion project. If something happens then great, if not, I've just had fun."

Back in July, Williams teased a new project with his former bandmate Gary Barlow. Whwn asked about potentially working with Take That again on Mark Wright's "Heart Evening Show", he revealed, "I've been writing some songs with Gary Barlow in the last few weeks too."

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