Gillian Anderson Credits Black Lives Matter for Opening Her Eyes to Her Own Racism

Reflecting on the movement sparked by acts of police brutality, 'The Crown' actress admits she's been 'brainwashed' by the systematic racism, before declaring that it is a time to listen.

AceShowbiz - Gillian Anderson admits she's been "brainwashed" by the systematic racism that is part of our world.

The actress reflects on the Black Lives Matter movement in an interview with Porter magazine, during which she insists the current political climate is "terrifying" and getting "worse".

"No matter how much work I do for charities, I don't think I'd really ever studied or taken full account of the myriad ways that society works against people of colour and minorities," she says, "how endemic it is and how structurally impossible it is for so many to get beyond a certain place."

"The Crown" star credits the Black Lives Matter movement, which was sparked by acts of police brutality and highlights long-standing institutional bias, for alerting her to her own racism.

"That was the beginning of an education I didn't even know I needed," admits "The X-Files" actress. "I'm learning how brainwashed I feel I (have been) and we are as a society, and how much there is to learn about what needs to systematically change."

The movement, along with the Covid-19 pandemic, has prompted Anderson to take a step back and re-evaluate her stance on a number of issues. She explains: "I have a tendency to try to close my mind against certain things. (But) it is a time to listen."

Elsewhere in the interview, the actress revealed that she once was given a proposal to launch her own sex toy line. However, the 52-year-old turned down the offer. Of the offer, she explained, "I can't remember why I said no."

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