Maria Menounos Shows Gratitude After Cryptic Tweets About Family Crisis

The 'Extra' host keeps a positive attitude on Thanksgiving by thanking everyone who has been praying for her family and those who are 'rallying around us right now.'

AceShowbiz - Maria Menounos is keeping a positive attitude toward her family crisis amid the Thanksgiving holiday. Just one day after sending cryptic tweets in which she asked fans to pray for her family, the "Extra" host expressed her gratitude for the support she has been receiving.

On Thursday, November 26, the 42-year-old took to Twitter to thank those praying for her. "Thankful for so much today. It is thanksgiving ya know:) so let me start by saying thank you to everyone of you that has been praying. Keep it coming. Thankful for all the friends and family rallying around us right now. Thankful for god always wrapping us in love," she tweeted.

Menounos' Tweet

Maria Menounos kept a positive attitude on Thanksgiving holiday amid family crisis.

Around the same time she shared the post, Maria added another tweet. "Thankful to every nurse doctor and frontline worker working today taking care of our loved ones on this holiday. Grateful for the nurses that take that extra time to soothe. Grateful to have the greatest parents. I believe all will be well. When you’re grateful fear disappears," she noted.

Maria Menounos' Tweet

Maria Menounos thanked medical workers.

Maria went on to thank her former "Fantastic Four" co-star Michael Chiklis and his wife Michelle Moran. "Thank u @MichaelChiklis @Michellechiklis love u guys," she gushed, to which Michelle simply wrote back, "We love you."

Maria Menounos' Tweet

Maria Menounos thanked Michael Chiklis and his wife Michelle Moran.

The tweets came just one day after the Emmy-winning journalist sparked concern among her fans and followers because of her troubling tweets. "Need some prayers . Please send some prayers to my family," she first pleaded on Wednesday, November 25.

Hours after sharing the plea, Maria followed up with another one that read, "Thank you for the prayers . We really need them right now. I believe in the collective energy of good people wishing well or I wouldn't ask. Thank you & if you can keep them coming I would be forever grateful." She further noted, "Focusing on what I desire not the fear. Trying."

Maria Menounos' Tweet

Maria Menounos sent out cryptic tweets about her family.

While Maria did not offer more details about the situation, some of her fans speculated that her tweets were related to her mother Litsa Menounos, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive malignant tumor called glioblastoma. Back in October 2019, Maria revealed on her "Better Together" podcast that her mother's brain cancer had come back.

In July this year, the "Entourage" star posted a picture of her mother on Instagram. "Hi! Just sitting here with hope. I mean my mom. Everyday I get a call from someone diagnosed with something scary. You're not alone. There's always hope. Mom has had stage four brain cancer for almost FOUR years. Is it easy? No. But she's here smiling," she shared.

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