21 Savage Shares His Regret After Brother's Death in Alleged Stabbing

The 'Bank Account' rapper shares a throwback photo of him and his younger brother Terrell Davis as kids while writing on Instagram, 'can't believe somebody took you baby bro.'

AceShowbiz - 21 Savage is mourning the loss of his brother. The London-born rapper took to his Instagram page on Monday, November 23 to reveal that his younger brother, Terrell Davis, had passed away and pay tribute to him.

21 Savage, whose real name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, posted a throwback photo of him and his late brother as kids. He also shared pictures of Terrell as an adult and wrote in the caption, "can't believe somebody took you baby bro." Sharing his regret, the 28-year-old star added, "I know I took my anger out on you I wish I could take that s**t back."

21 Savage, who moved to Atlanta, Georgia at age 7, didn't reveal the cause of his brother's death, but it's reported that Terrell, a drill rapper known as TM1way, was killed after being stabbed on the Blenheim Gardens estate in Brixton, south London on Sunday night.

A family source tells Daily Mail that the 27-year-old brother of the Grammy Award-winning artist was taking some shopping to his grandmother when he got into an argument with an old friend. Things quickly got physical as the friend suddenly lunged forward and stabbed Terrell.

21 Savage and Terrell have the same father, Kevin Emmons. The "Bank Account" hitmaker was taken by his mother to the U.S. when he was a kid. The source says of the two brothers' relationship, "They are brothers. They used to speak on the phone quite a bit and on WhatsApp. I don't think Savage has been back to Britain for a while because he's had some legal problems in the U.S."

The source adds, "He'll be devastated, however, the whole family are." The source also gushes about Terrell, "Terrell was a good guy, he used to live on the estate but had moved away. But he was round visiting his grandmother yesterday and had gone to the shops for her as she's elderly and we are in the middle of a pandemic."

21 Savage had previously lost his other younger brother, Quantivayus Joseph, who was shot and killed in a botched drug deal. He got a dagger tattoo that sits between his eyes in honor of his late brother. "It was around this time that Savage got a tattoo right between his eyes. It's a dagger, and an ode to his younger brother Quantivayus, who everyone called Tayman," The Fader wrote in a 2016 profile of the rapper.

The magazine continued detailing, "But Tayman jumped the gun, and went ahead and planted it right on his face, bold and bright. After Tayman was shot and killed, in a botched drug deal, Savage did the same. 'He was a real wild n***a,' Savage recalls, fondly. 'Little wild n***a. Hothead. Bat out of hell, bad as hell.' "

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