Kaley Cuoco's Husband Dedicates His Instagram to Trolling Her and She Loves It

The 'Big Bang Theory' actress loves her 'weird' husband Karl Cook's sense of humor as he often embarrasses her by sharing her unflattering pictures on social media.

AceShowbiz - Actress Kaley Cuoco's husband regularly shares unflattering videos of her snoring - but the down to earth star finds his posts "hilarious."

"The Big Bang Theory" actress is married to horseman Karl Cook and she's so madly in love with the equestrian, she doesn't mind that he secretly films and shares clips of her passed out - and not always looking her best.

"It's creepy and weird," Kaley jokes to U.S. daytime talk show host and singer Kelly Clarkson. "My husband's Instagram is devoted to horses, gardening, and trolling me."

When Kelly shares a video, Karl had shot, of Kaley fast asleep in her car and snoring really loudly, she quips, "I was out. And I can sleep straight up like that."

"He will find me in the most ridiculous positions and that's his favourite thing - to get me in the most unflattering (shot)..."

"There's one he captioned: 'Where's your neck?' " she adds.

Kaley Cuoco married Karl Cook in 2018 after less than a year of engagement. However, the couple didn't move in together until coronavirus lockdown this year.

"We've been married a year and a half, have been together almost four years and this quarantine has forced us to actually move in together," she told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year. "It's been great for our relationship. And we like each other, we realise!"

She added, "We moved in and I can't find anything, but the house is great. I think Karl would love it if I found my make-up at some point."

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