Ludacris Under Fire for 'Propaganda' Film 'The Ride' About Real-Life White Supremacist
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Twitter users are not impressed that the 'Fast and Furious' actor stars in the movie about an interracial couple fostering a troubled teen who was raised as a white supremacist.

AceShowbiz - While racism still becomes a concerning issue among black community in the U.S., Ludacris' new movie "The Ride" seems to be trying to show that there's goodness to be found in a hater. The film, which premiered on Amazone Prime this Friday, November 13, is based on a real-life story of an interracial couple fostering a troubled teen who was raised as a white supremacist.

The rapper-turned-actor plays one-half of the couple, who decides to help the violent teen by becoming his foster parents. Over time, their shared bond and moments change the young man's perspective and he sheds his racist ways.

Despite the heart-warming storyline that seems to end on a good note, people were not impressed that they've decided to capitalize on such story. Others accused that they made the movie to make white people less guilty about the oppression suffered by black people at their hands.

Taking to Twitter, these critics have sounded off their issues with "The Ride" and most of them picked on Ludacris for being part of it. "Something sick about these young black rappers being stuck in the violence of poverty as older rappers court capitalists and shame them. Still can't believe ludacris made a feel good movie with about white supremacy," one person wrote.

Another shared his dilemma that while he agrees with helping a troubled teen like John McCord (Shane Graham) in the movie, he's not into turning the story into a film. "People are s**tting on that new ludacris movie and it's justified but I don't agree with the whole not helping these teens that get into those white supremacist groups. I've legit had to help some kids leave that anti sjw type of racism. Probably woulda been skinheads later on," the said person opined. "Making it into a movie so white people can feel good is corny though."

Calling it a propaganda to suppress the protests against racism, a third user marveled, "Has Hollywood ever produced worse propaganda than this?" Another echoed the sentiment, "Burden, The Blind Side, Best of Enemies and now that bs with Ludacris ... The Ride? for the love of everything that is actually progressive, let de racist pacification propaganda END PLS."

"Who in the world is gonna see this? Gay BMX side storyline. And when I see Ludacris I think of him in Crash where he had some anti white lines about how they think blacks will steal from them, and then he stole their car lmao," another brutally slammed the movie.

"This entire movie sounds like tone-deaf garbage. Imagine trying to engage in apologetics for white supremacists when they're responsible for almost all domestic terrorism in America. Ludacris is an idiot for this," another added.

Someone else blasted Ludacris as tweeting, "@Ludacris Complete disappointed Fan, this ain't a bridge to gap! This is coonin They steal and kill Our Children, theirs Kill Us and go to Burger King. Ludacris Takes In Kid Raised As A White Supremacist In New Movie 'The Ride,' Twitter Already Says We Good."

Ludacris has not responded to the backlash over his new movie. Earlier this month, he appeared to be proud of "The Ride" as he reposted the trailer on his Twitter page and wrote along with it, "One choice changed his life, one family changed his heart. Based on the inspiring true story, featuring The Ride stars Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, Shane Graham and Sasha Alexander is available on Amazon Prime November 13!"

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