Rapper Octavian Dropped by Label After Ex-Girlfriend Shares Video of Alleged Abuse

In a series of posts on Instagram and Twitter, a musician known as Emo Baby reveals the French-British rapper physically abused her and pressured her to get an abortion.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Octavian has denied allegations of verbal, physical and emotional abuse made by a former partner. On Thursday, November 12, just a day before he's scheduled to release his new album, his ex-girlfriend came out with damning allegations against the French-British artist, claiming that he physically abused her and pressured her to get an abortion.

Hana, whose stage name is Emo Baby, revealed in a series of posts on Instagram and Twitter that she had been in a relationship with the rapper for three years, but he first became violent toward her in April 2020 when she became pregnant with his child. "After pressuring me to get an abortion, he attacked me for the first time, kicked me in my stomach, burst my lip, attacked me with a hammer and threatened to kill me," she wrote.

Hana posted a video of his alleged attack on him. In the shaky footage, a man can be heard saying, "You're f**king disrespecting the s**t out of me" as a woman cried and pled with him to stop hurting her. In a second video, the rapper can be seen saying that he will "beat the s**t out of you cos you won't get out of my house."

Hana additionally shared a screenshot of her text messages with Octavian, in which the rapper described his actions as "bad karma." She said that she was later asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the alleged incident in exchange for £20,000, which she turned down.

Sharing photos of her bruised body allegedly after being beaten up by her then-boyfriend, she explained why she only came out with the story now. "The reason I have decided to share my story now, just before his album release, is because I don't want anyone to look up to this man," she wrote in another post. "I particularly do not want young girls to listen to the dark music he makes to celebrate his abuse."

Octavian, born Octavian Oliver Godji, has since denied his ex-girlfriend's claims and called the allegations "real life abuse." Taking to his Instagram Stories, the 24-year-old said that he would soon post "evidence" that she is "obsessed and will never let me alone or let me win."

Despite Octavian's denial, his label Black Butter has decided to part ways with him. The company, which was due to release his album "Alpha" on 13 November, announced they have "taken the decision not to continue working with Octavian and we will not be releasing his album. We do not condone domestic abuse of any kind and we have suggested Octavian seeks professional help at this time." Octavian has also been dropped by his U.S. publicists, Orienteer.

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