Cliff Williams Warns Fans Against Expecting Him to Join Full AC/DC World Tour

The rock band's retired bassist insists he only agreed to make a return to honor late bandmate Malcolm Scott after hearing Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd would join Angus Young in the studio.

AceShowbiz - AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams has warned fans he won't be with the band for long, because he isn't healthy enough for a gruelling world tour.

The rocker retired from the group at the end of AC/DC's "Rock or Bust" tour, during which singer Brian Johnson quit due to hearing issues and was replaced by Guns N' Roses star Axl Rose - but both are back for the band's new album, "Power Up".

Johnson appears to be back for good, but Williams tells the "Let There Be Talk" podcast he'll only be around for a few gigs after recording the album with his bandmates.

Insisting he only agreed to return to the group to honour late bandmate Malcolm Scott after hearing Johnson and the band's former drummer Phil Rudd would also be joining founder Angus Young in the studio, Cliff says, "This is for him. And it's the band that we played together with for 40-plus years... I wanted to come back and do that."

"We did some rehearsals earlier this year before this darn COVID thing popped up, and we had great rehearsals. The band was playing really well. So (they asked me), 'Do you wanna do a few shows? 'Sure'. A few shows. We were planning on doing that... For my health (I'll do a few shows). I definitely have some physical issues... it's tough. I'm very grateful for everything. It's been fantastic. But I just don't wanna do that (tour) anymore."

Williams recently revealed that a bout with vertigo contributed to his decision to leave the band in 2016.

The band's new album, "Power Up", drops on 13 November.

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