'KUWTK': Rob Kardashian Makes a Rare Appearance in Kim's Surprise 40th Birthday Party

During the surprise party, Kim's family prepares some stuff which bring nostalgic memories in addition to recreating a dance which they did back when the SKIMS founder had her 10th birthday.

AceShowbiz - It's family time! The entire Kardashian-Jenner family gathered for a surprise 40th birthday party for Kim Kardashian, which was aired in the Wednesday, October 21 episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", catching the SKIMS founder extremely off-guard.

"I had all these, like, dreams and goals for my 40th birthday that can't come true [due to the pandemic]," she said during the episode. "I think just, like, turning 40, I'm not freaking out or anything."

The wife of Kanye West added, "It's definitely a realization, like, 'Holy s**t. I'm 40.' That's what I just keep thinking: 'Holy s**t. What happened? How did this happen? How did I get here?' ... It's definitely like, 'Damn. I can't really be posting, like, too sexy pics on my Instagram anymore,' so I'm like purging and I wanna get it all out!"

During the party, Kim's family prepared some stuff which brought nostalgic memories including a retro diner space modeled after her 8th birthday, the white BMW she got for her Sweet 16 as well as a life-size recreation of TAO nightclub, her go-to place for birthday celebrations. They also recreated a dance which they did back when Kim had her 10th birthday.

"I think we're so lucky that our dad documented our whole lives, like, I would have not remembered the 10th birthday dance if it wasn't for these videos," Kourtney Kardashian said in confessional.

Also among the attendees was Rob Kardashian. The youngest Kardashian sibling made a rare appearance on the show for the special occasion. He could be seen joking at Kim, "Remember when they called you guys 'Kimye?' "

Prior to this, Khloe Kardashian did reveal that Rob had been more open to the possibility of him appearing on the family's reality show again. "He's feeling comfortable and comfortable. I think he just started a whole new season, so here we go," she said during an appearance on SiriusXM's "The Morning Mash Up".

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